6.Advantage of Rubber Cralwers
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Advantage of Rubber Tracks
1.High Speed

Compared to steel tracks, rubber tracks operate more steady and rapid,wiich can adjust to

various kinds of road conditions, and thus greatly increases the operate speed of the machine.

2.Low Noise

The elasticity of the rubber tracks makes it fit tightly to the wheels and joint closely to

the road when the rubber tracks is running. Therefore, the noise is reduced.

3.Less vibration

As the rubber tracks has better elasticity and flexibility, it can reduce the impact when

the wheels get in touch with the road and thus effectively lengthen the service life of


4.Superior traction

The Rubber tracks is high-grip. So under the same condition, the rubber trackswill provide more traction. Moreover,

due to the large number of different lug patterns, the rubber tracks could adjust to diverse

construction environment.

5.Less Ground Damage

Rubber tracks overcomes all the disadvantages of steel tracks, such as hard less deformation

and road damage, thus it can run without any trace on the road.

6.Less Ground Pressure

Because the rubber tracks can joint closely to the road, the pressure is evenly and the

ground pressure is less.so the machine is steady while running and can be applied to various

kinds of road.

7.Light Machinery Weight

The weight of rubber tracks is far lighter than the steel tracks of the same size,

so this will greatly reduce the machinery weight and save energy.

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